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that wants to break the status quo.

Yeah, we love to run a good business and make a great living, but that’s not the main reason we’re here. We’re not bean counters and you sure as hell are not beans. The thing that drives us isn’t cranking out the most hair, it’s turning out the healthiest hair, it’s creating the best hair. It’s that feeling that we get to do what we love every day. It’s the ability to make people feel amazing when they walk out of our doors.

That’s why we’re here.

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We like to think we are the best hair salon in sarasota

For creative vibrant color, natural color applications, hair extensions, balayage, highlights, Brazilian blowout or just a great haircut.

Going to this Salon was the worst experience ever. I walked in to the salon with a very natural warm blonde base and highlights that I had kept for many years. All I wanted was a little more dimension and less"yellow" in myblonde. After 400$ and 5 his in the chair, I was a dark brunette with some very dark blonde highlights. My forehead was sooo dark, it looked like the dye had bled onto my skin.I was so upset. I called and complained, went back in and the stylist added a few more highlights, but I was still a brunette. During the blow dry, I literally stared crying. They brought me back for a correction with a different stylist, I left there after 5 more hours a super light, super YELLOW blonde. ...AND they charged me another 200$!!!! The owner NEVER spoke with me, although I asked for her repeatedly. This is the worst salon I have EVER been to, in all my years of getting highlights and color. I don't really care that this owner is an insta star, she CLEARLY is a horrible business owner and her stylists are less than capable and have NO right charging the extremely high prices for the incredibly bad work that I recieved at this salon.For 15 years, while living in Detroit, I always flew back home to Philadelphia to go to my hair colorist....Andrea at FRINGE in Feasterville PA. She charged me 135$ and did an incredibly fantastic job with my hair, I got compliments everyday. I should have continued doing that, when I moved to Florida...I would have been satisfied and it would have STILL COST ME LESS MONEY AND GRIEF!!!
The owner is extremely rude,argumentative and unprofessional. The place is tacky and looks like a cheap tattoo parlor. I was a good paying regular customer.I took my daughter there also.although I despised the cheap decor ,I really liked eden,my stylist. .My last appointment I was rudely told to move my car while in the middle of my hair processing, which I did without word.forced to walk around the block with bleach in my hair,cape on.To add more insult this woman called me 2x after I left the salon to chew me out for parking in her spot .Absolutely ridiculous.when I refused to listen anymore and wished her a good day,she then text me that I was banned from the salon.lol..sorry Eden you work for CRAZY.
Meh! Oh I havent ever come back after the first time. Let me tell you! You aren't all that and a bag of chips hunty. Sit down. Coming back at ppl that say they didn't have a good experience with your company doesn't show positivity on your end. Its quite petty thats all I have to say. Good day!
I’m going to share an experience that many of us have had in the past (at least ones where we haven’t found “our stylist” yet).I went into this salon for a cut and an all over color (but only had a small allotted time / it was 9am and I needed to pick my daughter up from school right around the corner @ noon). Walking into the place the vibe was super trendy, color everywhere (salon & the hairdressers) and I was excited.Kat and I talked about what I wanted (again, cut and color all over) I talked about how as a curly girl - I love to come to the salon and have my hair blown out and straightened….When Kat said, I’m going to add some caramel around your face to soften it a little, I told her I wasn’t a fan of orange but didn’t object…. She didn’t end up having time to cut my hair, but said she could do a quick blow dry so I said sure.When I went to pay, I was shocked when the bill was $300. Come to find out, she charged me for Balayage and charged me for the blowout (I’m assuming it would have been free if she had time to cut my hair). Now, I’ve had balayage before (all over the back of my hair) and loved it. This was a highlight (a bad one at that). I walked out paying with what I call 2 skunk strips on each side of my face looking very orangey…. She told me if I didn’t like it to come back.Needless to say, I went back (I’ve never returned to a salon before). I told her I wasn’t a fan and she agreed that the (highlight) color needed to be thinned out. I told her I didn’t love the color. She told me again, if I didn’t like it to come back and we can tone it. I ran out of there (again, to pick up my daughter in time) with a wet head (so, my hair wasn’t dry / hard to see what it would look like). I still didn’t like it (ugh). I, very reluctantly, called back and left a msg for Kat to call me; which she didn’t. I called back again and she told me that if I wanted to come back in she would charge me to fix it (I think she said $80).Thing is, I liked the all over color she did. I just wanted her to get rid of the “caramel”. It wouldn’t have taken her that long to do to have a happy customer…. But, because I agreed to the color (and by “agreed” she said I didn’t disagree) here I am looking for another salon….Side note - I went to Spa Hollywood and got a cut and color for less than half what I got charged there. And, I love it. I’d recommend most any other salons than this…
Been coming to bottleblonde a few years now and stylist-hopping because everyone there is so talented! Every experience has been great, stylists are friendly, knowledgeable and creative. Salon is colorful and comfortable and the team is clearly passionate.
Absolutely love this place!! Sierra is AMAZING! She is easy to talk to and is so talented! My hair turned out perfect. She not only did a great cut and highlight but gave me so many helpful styling tips for my curly hair. The atmosphere is wonderful, the salon is clean, cute and overall has the best vibes.
I got a brazilian blowout from Sierra and she was so sweet and the results are beautiful!!
SO LOVELY!!! Best salon I’ve ever been to. Amber did an amazing job with my hair and all the ladies there are so sweet and the vibes are just immaculate. Love love love!!
I had a Brazilian blow out and hair cut done by Jocelyn and she’s seriously the best! Jocelyn was very attentive made sure I was comfortable and was very easy to talkTo and even when we didn’t talk it was not awkward. I almost fell asleep while she was blow drying my hair! I have not stopped touching my hair it’s so soft and flowy.
First time here and I’m definitely coming back! My stylist was Jocelyn and she did an amazing job on my hair. We decided to go for something more vibrant with highlights and money pieces and it turned out even better from how I imagined it! Jocelyn is your go to if you’re looking for someone who can go above and beyond and she is super sweet to make sure you’re always accommodated and comfortable! ✨
Love coraline!
Masters of coloring hair! Sierra is amazing, thank you!
The coolest salon ever. Everyone's so nice and helpful and the service is worth every dime.
Jocelyn gave me the best haircut I've ever gotten in my 32 years of haircuts. My hair was long, but lifeless and boring when I walked in, and Jocelyn knew what to do. She added layers and texture and my hair has so much movement and shine now! And in addition to being skilled with her scissors, breathing life into my hair, and giving me the best scalp massage ever (I floated in the heavens for a few seconds of bliss, no lie), Jocelyn did so while being kind, calm, and patient. A 10/10 experience for me. Highly recommend to all.
Hailey did an excellent job coloring my hair!! She is very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough! If you're going to get your hair colored, this is the place go!
I have searched all over SRQ for Linette and so happy I finally found someone with her talent! This salon is super cool and not pretentious at all which I love! Never have I ever received so many compliments on my hair! Thank you BB76!!! 😙😙😙
Hailey is the bomb
Linette is wonderful. She listens to what I want. She is very talented and I am very happy with the results!
Super talented and nice girls working there. They do a excellent job at listening to what you want.And showing you how to style your cut.
This is the spot for those who love alternative hair anything! You feel like your kinda hanging out in this chill and hip enviroment. So many talented people, big shout out to Amber and Hailey. I had Amber at a previous location and lost touch once she moved. I came to Bottleblonde (bc I was having trouble with my blonde lol) and was assigned to Hailey who is super awesome, and come to find out Amber is there too! Hailey is a mind reader and very fun to talk to. You get vip treatment for spot on service. I have another salon who also does great work but for my specific needs, Hailey is it for me! (update..months fast forward just now got my hair touched up again by Hailey, got the works the dye the cut style and let me tell you, first time in a while I felt beautiful, I even took a pic no filter no nothing and sent it to husband. I'm approaching 40 and let me tell you, this hair appointment really did wonders for me. Thank you Hailey for always knowing exactly how to make my hair perfect!!
First time visit. I needed an experienced stylist who works with curly hair. Hailey is trained in textured hair and she is a queen!! As she cut, she gave me a masterclass in the science of curly hair. She walked me through the steps of how to best bring out my texture. When I left I looked amazing and felt like I could repeat the look at home. She even wrote out the steps for me. Sweet, beautiful and talented as f. Great experience.
Jocelyn was wonderful! I surprised my girlfriend with a cut ! She loves her cut ! I think the scalp message was the best part . They had great music playing too ! Highly recommend!
These girls are bad a**, always a fun time and serving the coolest styles
Everyone is so nice & Sierra is amazing! I looked at so many salons online & couldn't find one that seemed like a good fit. Ended up walking by this salon & went in for a consult. Sierra sat with me & we decided together what to do. Did my color beautifully & I really liked my cut too. She was so great I took my daughter, who is 10, to Sierra to get her ever first haircut. When she wanted a bit more taken off Sierra had us come in & did exactly what we wanted. We were on the conservative side first since it was her first cut. Daughter loves her new cut & I already have my next color appointment booked 😊
Sam Daly is the absolute best at perfectly nailing platinum blonde every time! Love her salon... relaxed chill fun vibe.
We're in town for a wedding and I needed a Blowout for the various events of the day. I found this place on Google because it was close to our hotel and man am I happy I did. Jocelyn did an amazing job! I have very fine and damaged blonde hair and she worked her magic. My hair was silky smooth and frizz free for the entire rehearsal dinner and cocktail party after. I got a bunch of compliments and also got called Jesus multiple times during the night. I could not be happier! The salon was super funky fun and had a very chill and cool vibe. I wish I lived here so I could see her more!
Linette and all the ladies here are awesome and very talented! I thought my hair was a lost cause but they worked their magic and I’m so thankful!
Sierra is by far the best colorist I have found since I moved the the Sarasota/ Bradenton area! She takes her time and won’t settle when giving you your dream color. The environment is edgy and fun, while remaining clean and respectful. The quality of work is unrivaled. People are fantastic. I can’t say enough!
A fabulous experience from beginning to end! The salon itself has a such a fun and hip vibe. From the decor to the employees themself it radiates STYLE. My stylist was Hailey. We met before my appointment to discuss my desired hair goals. Hailey is amazing she had lots of input and ideas.. She really took the time to understand my hair. During my full foliage treatment she was a true professional.. She taught me a few new techniques for styling my hair and is so knowledgeable about her product and hair science itself. The time flew by and when i left i felt like a new woman!! Plus I could not stop smelling my hair Just LOVE THE LINE OF PRODUCTS THEY USE! I highly recommend bottleblonde76 and Hailey. You can not go wrong this making this your salon! I cant wait for my next appointment!
Sierra is amazing! She spent 6 hours on my long locks, transforming them into pure perfection. Staff there is awesome, and atmosphere super fun. Highly recommended and so happy that I found Sierra!
Sierra was absolutely amazing! I couldn't give a good description of how I wanted my hair to turn out, but she totally nailed it and my hair turned out so perfect! It's way better than I could have imagined! I got a partial highlight and a hair cut. She even curled the mess out of it and I left looking like a movie star!!!
My stylist was Sierra Morse. She is a fantastic stylist. She knows what she I'd doing and is so friendly. 10/10 definitely recommend her.
Loved the vibe, I used google assistant to schedule an appointment that day, Eden did a great job with me knew exactly what I wanted when I showed her the style and did great 10/10
Literally the nicest people in the world, so laid back. Hailey did an amazing job with my daughters hair and my hair. When she was cutting my daughters hair she went as far as doing it on her knees to ensure it was perfect. She also took time out to help me better understand the management of my daughters curls. I would recommend this salon to anyone looking.
Eden is fabulous! She knows her stuff! Takes great care to make you feel comfortable, listens to what you want, and gets the job done exceptionally well. Everyone in the salon is so friendly, helpful, kind and attentive! Well done, Bottleblonde 76 Salon!
My favorite day of the month is hair day at Bottleblonde76 Salon!!! Coraline is the absolute best 💜
Hailey is absolutely magical and amazing! When I moved to Florida I had the toughest time finding a stylist that could do platinum/white hair because it can be such a complicated process, but Hailey did a PERFECT job. Not only is she knowledgeable and insanely talented, but she lights up my entire day every time I come in and just has most welcoming, friendly, and vibrant energy. I love her so much and I’m beyond happy with my white and healthy hair I could just scream
I’ve been going to Hailey for a little over a year now and i absolutely love her!! she is so smart passionate and just insanely love able. Every time she does my hair i leave happier than ever she is an absolute gem!!!
Fantastic local Sarasota salon. They are known for vivid and bright colors but Aimee D focuses on blondes and extensions. She takes her time and my color is always on point.
I am new to the area and found the salon and Amber after posting on a FB page, looking for someone who could maintain my vivid red. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!! The salon was easy to find, clean and bright. Amber is super friendly and has some mad skills.
Hailey and the whole staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable! This is my second time going for vibrant color and I've loved both experiences!P.S. get the color bombs for in-between visits to keep your vivid color vibrant!
Very courteous and professional staff! My new hair stylist there is awesome and very knowledgeable about hair, esp. about curly hair like mine. Best hair styling experience I have ever had!! I loved that they took such good care of me from beginning to end❤!
My hair is turquoise, red, brown, grey, and green. My first visit (I’m TOTALLY embarrassed) to be seen at the darling Bottleblonde 76. Eden, color corrections extraordinaire, said “this will be a process but if you want rocket red hair that’s what you will have”. I could tell by the way she was professionally examining my hair, I said to myself EDEN IS GOING TO SAVE MY HAIR! Check out my Mac daddy hair cut! I am coming in every couple weeks~let’s watch Eden work her style. Is that too much pressure Eden? 😉
I had my haircut about a week ago and was more than pleased. Linette was my stylist, I wanted it very short and she did it right. Most stylists are sooo afraid they’ll get it too short, she knew just what I wanted. I’ll be there again, that’s for sure
Fun, upbeat environment with friendly professional staff. Amber is great- friendly and conscientious. I always have great looking hair when I leave!
Out of all the salons I’ve gone to have my hair done, this is definitely my favorite. It’s perfect for those who want a more fun, colorful style. The staff is friendly and professional, and the salon is very clean. Overall, it has a relaxed, cool environment that made me feel welcomed. Amber is fantastic. She’s cut my hair twice and I’ve been very happy with the results. Can’t recommend this salon enough, especially for people with alternative styles.
Hailey Hernandez has been my stylist for a very short time and she has surpassed every expectation. She is efficient, informative, and creative. She is an absolute dream and she has done a phenomenal job on cuts, color, and styles for me. My experiences indicate all of the stylists there are just as amazing. I highly recommend Bottleblonde 76.
Had the pleasure of having Amber as my stylist. She was not only knowledgeable with her craft but dedicated to creating a color and style that I would walk away happy with. The entire staff was extremely friendly and hospitable making sure I was taken care of during my time there. I highly recommend this gem of a salon!
I love the atmosphere and the haircut! Amber is amazing!
Hailey gave me a wonderful haircut! She shaped it all really well I had a lot of dead ends and needed layers which she did really well.
This salon is the best and I cannot say enough great things about Linnette. I started coming here earlier in the year as I felt like my former place and stylist just wasn't doing as well anymore. Linnette took the time to really listen to me, show me pictures she thought matched what I was describing and I've been coming back ever since! She is an absolutely amazing stylist, my color has never looked so good thanks to her. If you're looking for a new place, this place is where you need to be!
Amber is absolutely delightful in every way! So sweet, so talented, and I leave happy with my hair every time. I love my hair fairy 🤍The shop is also always clean and has a very friendly staff. I recommend all my friends here & am happy to have found my staple hair home. 🙂
I love my new haircut! Hailey did a fantastic job! I definitely will be recommending her ✂️
I got a cut and color by the amazing Eden!I have been to her twice now and I will be going to her for all my hair needs from now on. She is super friendly and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone!
Tried this place for the first time. They are all young and hip and supercool and fearless, and I'm pretty much old and tired... Nonetheless, they treated me well, and senior stylist Eden did a masterful job of updating my grey hair. I never felt uncomfortable, rushed, or disdained. Instead I felt I was in professional and caring hands. Expensive, but worth it. Great vibe. Highly recommended.
I’ve found my new salon. I love the energy and the overall look and the entire staff seemed so talented. My stylist, Linette not only did an absolutely amazing job but was so sweet and took the time to give me the exact cut I was looking for. This was my first time visiting Bottleblonde but it definitely won’t be my last. Thanks all. Looking forward to my next cut.
I absolutely love BottleBlonde76, my stylist Lynette is amazing. I've been coming here for a while now and she does an amazing job every time!
If you’re looking for someone who can express your creative look. Come get a cut here! Great salon!
Amber is a genius! I have gone to her twice now, first for a balayage and now for a color. She worked with the balayage we did a few months ago and gave me some great red color that blended in well with what I already had. Also the salon is great, everyone is nice and friendly. Thank you Amber and I will be back 🙂
Eden is the best! My hair always looks great after she’s done.
This salon was recommended to me by a number of women I know and all of them had a different stylist listed by name. I worked with Eden and she gave me a beautiful, natural looking honey blonde balayage. I didn't know it was possible to still cut my hair while preserving so much of my length, but she did! Feels and looks beautiful! I'd trust this salon 100% if I was seeking a bolder and edgier cut or color, they specialize in it all. It's not cheap. I only go to the salon 1 or 2 times a year, so for me, it's worth it. There's a lot of salons that try to capture that glam and glitzy feel, this one is a come as you are type place that could make any customer comfortable. Everyone's friendly and open. I'd definitely go back. Eden is also adorable so that helps 🥰
This salon and the team inside are everything. I've been bleaching my hair for years now and when the owner Sam got her hands on my locks, she managed to make me feel like a whole new person. She made my hair icier, healthier and beautiful. Although she's a big deal in the hair world (if you haven't checked out her Instagram, go check it out now!), she treats every client like a star. Sam is incredibly knowledgeable and talented and one of the best parts about her is her passion to share her knowledge with anyone wanting to learn. She is always encouraging growth in her salon and providing opportunities to keep her stylists sharp and on the front-lines of what's in. The only thing better than the talent and skills of every stylist in the salon is how wonderful each one of them is from the inside out. Bottleblonde76 is filled with stylists who are genuine, funny and kind. Every time I walk into the salon, I feel like I'm meeting up with a bunch of my girlfriends for a good time, not just for another hair appointment. I have a lot done to my hair during my appointments, so they can be long, and the whole appointment is filled with laughter, smiles and chit chat that makes them nothing but fun. At the end, I feel nothing less than fabulous and look forward to seeing all of these awesome people next time! I love my Bottleblonde babes and can't recommend them enough to anyone and everyone!
Eden was amazing as always! She took excellent care of me and went above and beyond with delivering the style that I wanted. I always feel so much better about my hair after spending time with her! Go Eden! 🙂
Amber is awesome! She can listen, suggest and do a beautiful artist and professional service on my hair! Oh and she is sweet!
Senior stylist,Eden @ BottleBlonde 76 is truly amazing. My first visit was for color color correction. The result was beautiful! My boring, dull hair was awash with subtle highlights and lowlights. I felt like a new woman! At a prior consultation, I was curious about extensions to give my hair some volume and length. Eden worked her magic and the pics below show process and end result! Perfect color matching.BottleBlonde 76 has such a great vibe. The people are passionate about their work and know how to have fun too! It is a comfortable, colorful place. They are a collegial group of pros. The next time you need a hair service, Give Eden Golden a try. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll have a good time in this great salon.
Amber is a hair wizard!! Went in with a general idea of the style I wanted and she was able to guide me towards the perfect look. I've never had a haircut and color that I love as much as Amber's work and it really gave me back my confidence. The atmosphere of the salon is fun and light hearted and I felt totally comfortable there compared to other more uppity salons I've been to around town. The stylists are obviously super passionate about their work and I would highly recommend this salon to anyone!
I’ve been using this salon Since January and Amber is my first real Hair stylist and i have nothing but praise I love amber and the atmosphere of the salon are so great! I tell everyone about y’all 🥰
Linnette did my hair and it was amazing!!! Of course a little pricier than average but it’s not for nothing! The salon has the best interior vibes and she was so sweet. We talked the whole time and she really knew what she was doing. It came out amazing✨😍
I absolutely love it here. Eden does such an incredible job cutting my hair and she is so sweet. Everyone has always been kind and front desk staff is very attentive. 10/10
Love Linette and my hair!!!
Kat used to do my hair and she did great but left so seeing Linette now and wow! not only is she a dog person (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐) but she does a great job with blonde highlights. for the longest time i got my roots done and wanted to do something with less maintenance. well i think she has a great plan for my hair going forward and im here for it 🥰
If you are looking for the PERFECT balayage go to Linette she does such an amazing job especially speaking I have thick brown long hair !
Hailey was very attentive, my hair is gorgeous! Best color ever!
Everyone's so nice!!!! I have short hair&it was overgrown 😔My cut came out great!!!Thank You Botteblonde xoxoPs. The women who washed my hair was AMAZING too!!! The Best shampoo ever😃
As always, I walked away feeling like a million bucks. My stylist, Hailey is amazing. She is knowledgeable in every aspect of her craft. She is an amazing colorist, and Stylist. Honestly I feel that anyone from any ethnicity could walk into this salon and sit down in any stylist chair and be at ease knowing that he/she will be in the hands of a professional stylist with knowledge on the newest styles, cuts and colors. It is such a wonderful place. You feel good from the moment you step in, until the moment you walk out. The only regret I have, is that I didn’t find them sooner. Thanks Bottleblonde76, Toni Hellmer
The only reason I knew this place existed is because one of their hair stylist, Hailey, dropped off coupons for a free haircut at the restaurant I work at. I thought that was so generous of her that I wanted to thank her by taking her up on it and leaving a big tip. I wasn’t sure if they did males hair, but I was openly welcomed into their salon by everyone. Since then I have only been back to receive my hair cuts with Hailey, as she also seems to be the only one that can particularly give me the kind of cut and look that I like that no one else has been able to do in the past. Also since then Hailey and I have become friends and I’ve really enjoyed every visit with this great salon. 10/10 recommend
Love the fun and friendly vibe! @hairlovebyLin knows her craft! She listened carefully to what I wanted and more importantly, to what I didn’t want, we came up with a plan, and…..I got the haircut I’ve wanted since moving to the area 1 1/2 years ago! Follow @bottleblonde76salon to see all of the gorgeousness they create
Hailey was amazing and I highly recommend this salon. I moved to fl last year, leaving my stylist of 8 years for a new adventure. After their receptionist answered all of my initial questions, I decided to book my appointment for a cut and Brazilian blowout.The consultation I got was awesome. Hailey answered all of my questions about the process, aftercare, and ways that I can improve the overall health of my hair. She was super attentive, and provided a great experience.A fun, funky atmosphere that leaves you with a professional finish, and so easy to get to. Book here today!
I was absolutelyBlown away by Amanda’s blonding skills! The girl knows her craft. She took a long time to do the consultation for my color correction, and made sure we talked about every step of the process beforehand. Honestly my hair has never looked so good, healthy and beautifully done. She has earned herself a huge supporter and a regular client.
Wow wow wow best cut I’ve gotten in SRQ! Amber listened to what I wanted and gave me the haircut of my dreams. No joke. I have a full/round face and she gave me a cut that suited me prrrfectly! Overall great experience from booking to appointment, everyone i interacted with was really down to earth.
First off let me start with saying I never write reviews, I just read them. But Kat did such an amazing job cutting my hair today that I had to say something. I went in with a couple pictures for inspiration, she listened, asked questions and gave me exactly what I wanted. The salon had a great funky atmosphere and everyone was so nice, I'm so glad to have found this salon and I will definitely be back.
I absolutely LOVE my new hair style, the cut is perfect and I am so happy for Lynette who inspired me to go for a Bob. I decided to go bold and shave the left side a bit and it was worth it. NO regrets at all I Love it.
Went from natural dark brown to a vibrant blonde balayage in one magical sitting. I'm very happy with the results as I had a realistic hope of being slightly orange ish but that was not the case. I had a bit of a time crunch but Amber and assistant Joselyn doubled up and made it happen!Before and after ...
Just had an excellent pixie haircut from Coraline Blue - she really knows how to make short hair look amazing! I highly recommend going to see her if you're looking for a great hairdresser in Sarasota.
Wow! Eden Golden. You know you made me cry at my appointment. I'm so lucky whoever was on the phone that day set my appointment up with you.The cut, the color. The best ever.
Hailey took care if my dry curly hair that was exhausted by the sun and humid. She was not only professional but also very kind and open to share with me some tips for my hair treatment. She also showed me some of the techniques that help my hair look smooth, heavy, and shine. She recommended me cosmetics chosen for my hair type and thanks to them my hair finally look healthy. I highly recommend this hair salon and fantastic Hailey! Thank you for bringing my hair back to beauty 🙂
I was looking to do something different with my hair as it had been the same style for years. Hailey was amazing! She helped me get a style that was me and it turned out better than I could have ever expected. So happy I found Hailey. Highly recommend.
First time at salon, which is very colorful including all the stylists! Hailey Hernandez was exceptionally good at suggesting color and understood the look I wanted to achieve and she delivered! Will definitely be back. And thoroughly appreciated the friendly and welcoming staff at Bottleblonde76!!!!
I love this fun salon. I have lived in the area for over 13 years and finally found the salon of my dreams.From the vintage multicoloured hair dryers hanging in the window to the pink stag head and pink chandelier the atmosphere is welcoming and vibrant.No stock photos in cheap frames either.Good music and hair stylists with fun hair.The most important thing however is the time my stylist Linette took to help explain my hair. I have thinning due to medication and she skillfully introduced the needed non dramatic changes. My hair looks fuller and moves now instead of hanging lank.Linette is the best stylist I have ever encountered.Her easy manner and conversation helped me feel at ease.I have a Neurological disorder that makes any new experience overwhelming for me. Everyone here was so kind.The assistant who washed my hair with the most luxurious shampoo and conditioner ever was equally attentive and caring I can't wait to go back for my colour appointment.
I hadn't had my hair cut since having a botched hair cut at a Great Clips pre-COVID. I got a cut, full highlight and tone done by Jocelyn.She was very friendly and kept great conversation through the length of time that it took to do my hair.She was very knowledgeable of what she was doing and I left feeling like a new person.Would definitely recommend this salon and I'll be back to see Jocelyn for sure.
Eden is AMAZING at you hair cutting craft and coloring 😍.. Her personality and professionalism is remarkable. I highly recommend this salon and Eden. Totally hip and updated on stlye s.. tell them Meech sent ya!!
Absolutely loved my hair only thing I wish I would have done after my appt was to set up my next appt because now I need my hair done again and I have to wait 4 weeks but I know it will be worth the wait
This place was awesome. My hair turned out great and was not damaged. I will say that it was expensive but considering the hair stylist (Linette) worked on me for close to 8 hours, I would say it was super worth it.
Hailey and Kat are wonderful!!! My mom and I first met these talented ladies at their previous salon. Once we found out where they moved to, we are more than happy to make the trip to Sarasota to see them here at Bottleblonde76! They always make us feel our absolute best. We are so grateful for you both!! Thank you 🙂
Awesome place!! Chy is super great!! Amber does great work!!
I got my hair cut last night by Hailey for the first time and I will definitely be a return customer. I adore my cut and It was wonderful to feel so comfortable and at ease in a new place with a new stylist! Hailey really listened and helped me decide what would be the best cut for me and gave me insight into future visits. Everyone working was helpful, upbeat, and happy & the other customers were fun and looked great. The salon has such fun decor & a great atmosphere - thanks so much.
Saturday, I called, last minute, to get an “updo” for a wedding I was attending, thankfully they were able to squeeze me in. Shea was so nice and sweet. I showed her a few pictures of what I was looking for and she was able to make my hair look beautiful! Most of all it lasted the whole night! Thank you so much Shea!
I saw eden she did an amazing job and I feel sooo much better about my hair thank you eden!!!
Linette Soto is amazing . My blue and purple hair was on point thank you.
I saw Shae and she did a great job with my hair. She asked me my hair goals and is working with me outside my appointment to help me get there while keeping my hair healthy. All the girls seem so nice. The owner is amazing too! Very chill space inside with a good vibe. I felt right at home!
I came to BottleBlonde76 and got my hair cut and colored by none other than the amazing stylist Hailey!! Hailey is amazing! She is so sweet and so talented at what she does! She will 100% listen to what it is that you want and make your dreams a reality. She will make you walk out of that salon feeling beautiful, she exudes positivity and BottleBlonde76 is so lucky to have her!
First time here and was a great experience. Linette was knowledgable and did a great job. I even showed her color that I wanted and she told me I needed to get my hair in a better state so I don't damage it. Was nice to know shes not agreeable just for financial gains. I will be back!
I have been searching for a stylist who takes the time to understand my difficult hair type. I finally found one at Bottleblonde76! I have very straight, very fine, and very thick hair. I also keep my hair in a pixie style cut. I don’t like the southern country music award hair so it’s hard to find someone who can give me a good cut. Eden at Bottleblonde did an amazing job. She took the time to really understand my hair type and then took who time washing, cutting, and styling it! I was soooooooo happy with the results!The salon itself is very modern and colorful with a very upbeat atmosphere. I am very introverted so sometimes that can be overwhelming but there was no pressure to chat or anything so I didn’t feel uncomfortable. The overall vibe was fun but relaxed.As long as Eden works around here, I’ll be going back to her!!
First time there and I loved it! Long story short: Hailey Hernandez was my stylist and she is a pro at wavy / curly hair (she has tight spiral curls herself). She’s my stylist for life now! I have thick wavy to curly hair and lots of it. It’s been a while since my hair was done and done right because not everyone can work on this head of hair I have.My daughter went there on a recommendation and bought me a gift certificate for Christmas for my coloring. Her hair came out beautiful and she gave me a gift, so of course I made an appointment. I was impressed when I walked it, it was fun, cool, hip, artsy, the stylists all had hair colored, stylish and fun. As Hailey did my hair I watch the other stylist work, wow they are all good! Hailey explained everything to me, I learned the science of what the box colors you get from the drug stores actually do to your hair, who would have thunk! No more drug store box color for me. Well, it’s been years since I had a cut and style done right and the exact cut I needed and asked for. I had my grays covered, highlight and while I was seeing all this fun color I asked for this deep plum to be added to select strand of hair to highlight my face. Hailey was so excited to put some in. Wow! It’s fun and I think it makes me look cool and younger. Who doesn’t want that! I found my new hair place and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Thank you Hailey and BottleBlonde76 on Main Street Sarasota FL!
Great expirience! My first time here Linnette Soto gave me a new style. VERY professional. She did a amazing job. I will definetly be back!
Went into BottleBlonde76 needing a hair transformation/miracle and left feeling like a fabulous new me! Eden did a fantastic job not only with my hair but in making me feel comfortable. I had such a great time with her, the girls and even some of the clients. Absolutely, positively recommend making your next appointment with them - you can thank me later!! 😏
I went through chemo a couple of years ago and lost all my hair. It did grow back but very slowly. My hair grew back very thin and straight. I haven’t been happy with it then about 4 months ago I tried BottleBlonde76 salon for the first time. Eden is the hair stylist that has been cutting my hair. The first time I went I let her know the look I was trying to achieve. I just had my 3rd haircut and left there so happy and excited. It’s the first time in 2 1/2 years that I felt good about my hair. Eden listens to me and what I want but she is also honest enough to let me know if my hair will be able to get the look I want. She is awesome and I am happy to have found them. I am already excited for my next hair appointment!PS-she gives a great shampoo massage too!
Hailey did a awesome job and definitely coming back to see her again. I definitely loved the young atmosphere it had to the salon and cool music to.
I love Bottleblonde76 Salon, Thank you Hailey, you are the best, Love it😍
With being new to the Sarasota area I wanted something fun easy and different than my norm.The vibe of the salon is Epic. The staff Is Professional and fun and complementing to one another.Amber my stylist was great she took the time to look at some of my ideas and I gave her complete control. I love the cut and color and already booked my next appointment. The owner by far has created amazing salon that will forever have my business.
Kat was SUPER. I am so happy with my cut!!!
Friendly, comfortable, clean and fun salon. Amber highlighted and styled my hair! She did an amazing job. I love my hair! I’m from NYC and finding Amber was a blessing! The entire salon vibe is uplifting and fun. Highly recommended!
Cute salon with a funky vibe and artistic stylists Hailey colored my much in need locks... she achieved exactly what we agreed on and I was super impressed with her!!! I will be back again and I would highly recommend Hailey for your color needs!!!!
Stylist Shea Ryann did a great job. We vibed and had great conversation and she was very sweet and understanding that my 6 year old was at the apt with me. She took time to listen to what I was looking for (pearl blonde) but also explained and did what was best so we weren't causing extensive damage to my hair. Highly recommend this place!! I got in right away the next day after calling for an appointment.
Great haircut!