In Sarasota, Florida, the sun is coming out, and so are the bold styles. At BottleBlonde76 Salon, we are known for our stunning vibrant hair as unique as the person wearing it. With no two rainbows being exactly the same, we wanted to share our top 5 favorites!

If you have never tried rainbow hair before, but you are ready to dive headfirst into a sea of color, you have come to the right place! However, rainbow hair takes more time and care than your average color, so here are a few things you should know first. Rainbow hair takes hours to apply, and you could be at the salon for up to 8 hours. With such intricacies, time, bleach, and gorgeous product, you can expect to pay anywhere from $300 to $1000 depending on your end goal, so ALWAYS have a consultation and come ready with pics!

1) Rainbow Ombre

Rainbow and vibrant hair can be one or multiple colors ranging from bright hues of color on darker locks to more subtle pastels blending into blonde. Regardless of what color(s) you choose, you will end with a beautiful gradient of color perfect for those who want a more subtle look that really pops! Check out this icy purple ombre by Hair_Slayerz for some inspo.

vivid hair Sarasota

2) Rainbow Balayage & Tips

If you are looking for a more wearable style for an everyday look, try a subtle rainbow balayage on your tips! This style requires less bleach for those of us with darker locks and creates beautiful and low maintenance. Here is another awesome inso pic from Hair_Slayerz.

Vivid Hair Sarasota

3) Get your Billie Eilish on and try out some rainbow roots!

This style looks fantastic on vivid hair and natural hair alike. You can go ham and have them applied all over the top of your head or leave them as a little surprise as your hair blows through the wind. Either way, prepare for double-takes! Here is a popping rainbow root from BottleBlonde76.

rainbow hair Sarasota

4) Pastel Rainbow Hair

Ready for a sweeter than candy feminine style? Look no further; pastels are so in! Looking like a delicate flower will require very light, almost white hair, so you may want to consider an ombre or tips if you have darker locks. This look by BottleBlonde76 mixed two all-time favs, pastels, and neons to create an insanely unique look.

pastel rainbow hair Sarasota

5) All over rainbow Hair

No matter color or style you get, the longer the hair, the more time it will take but trust me, this transformation will be worth the wait! Are you going to a festival or just looking for a bright, bold look? This long-haired rainbow style is for you! You can pick your colors, brightness, and placement. No two rainbows are the same so be sure to come with an inspiration pick like this to transform you into a stunning piece of art. This babe is courtesy of BottleBlonde76.

vivid hair stylist

If you are ready to taste the rainbow, find your favorite inspiration pic and set up a consultation with us! If you are looking for more information about time, cost and products, please read Seven things you need to know before going vibrant . See you soon!