You may or may not have heard the term Color Correction or perhaps seen it on a receipt from your salon of choice (Bottleblonde Sarasota, obviously), but many of us non-stylist have no idea what this service is. To keep it simple, a Color Correction occurs when a client comes in looking for a drastic change to their hair. The most popular color corrections are going from dark locks to light ones and vise versa. But maybe you tried a box color that went terribly wrong. In this case, you would need a color correction as well, hence the term “correction.” Don’t freak, though; our stylists are trained professionals who have all had their own share of magical before and after photos.

color correction
So, chances are you fall under the “drastic change” category. Maybe you have a lovely darker brunette shade, but you have always wanted to go blonde. Before you break out a box dye and end up with orange hair, give us a call! But let me give you an idea of what to expect. First things first, bleach baby. Your stylist will need to bleach your whole head to your desired level. This process will likely be done more than once as the hair closer to your scalp will lighten faster than the rest of your hair. After this, your stylist will use more color to even out any tones that have not lifted to reach your dream shade. This may sound easy, but a spectrum color change may leave you in the salon for more than half your day. As always, have a consultation before you dive headfirst into your dream hair, and trust your stylist as this process is truly an art.

Now, maybe you are the opposite. You have had platinum locks since birth, and you are ready to channel your inner dark side. Queue a color correction. For a lighter to darker change, your stylist may opt to color your whole head red. You won’t have red hair; this is just done because platinum hair has no pigment and will need color added first before it can be toned to your desired shade. After the red is applied, you will be washed, and your stylist will add your goal shade to assure that you are exactly where you want to fall on the spectrum. This process is also very time consuming, so be prepared to spend a fair amount of time in the chair.
Not all color corrections are the same, and to be fair, some are easier than others, but after you have had a consultation with us, we can let you know about how long the whole process will take based on the cost off of the hours spent—consultants price our color corrective services.

We have all tried a new look and, whether by our own hands or someone else’s, ended up in tears because it did not turn out the way we had planned. To fix the damage, it will require a color correction. Maybe your balayage is immensely grown out, or your once platinum locks have turned to brass or red color. These are both screaming color corrections. However, this is why a consultation is critical. You may not need a correction service. Perhaps we can tone your burnette back to life or breath some icey back into your platinum. Sometimes all you need is a good old conditioning treatment. Regardless of your goals, just know that at Bottleblonde, we have a professional ready to help get you to your dream hair just give us a call!