Commit to your color and enjoy the journey

If you are looking for a stylist thats specializes in platinum blonde hair in Sarasota, you have come to the right salon! From one platinum blonde to another, here is what it really takes to achieve silky blonde locks, and my condolences, it is typically not a one-stop process. Don’t get me wrong; once I went platinum, I’ll never go back, but everyone’s color journey is a bit different. Depending on your natural shade and the last time you colored your hair, this process may take longer, but for the sake of avoiding brassy and straw-like damage, here are a few things to know before you blossom into a platinum blonde beauty. 

platinum blonde Sarasota

It takes commitment. Suppose you and your locks are in more of friends with benefits type situation, but you are ready to take your relationship to the next level. In that case, you may be prepared for vibrant or platinum color, but we are talking full-on commitment here from the initial process to upkeep and even products. First things first, beware of false advertising, my friends. The majority of the blonde babes on Insta that you are showing your stylist are edited or filtered to achieve that desired look in the photo, and if not, they likely paid a hefty price to have a stylist create that gorgeous hue. In most cases it’s a little bit of both. Remember, if it looks expensive, it probably is. Though everyone’s hair journey is different, your stylist will always give you a fair price based on your goals. 

Before even considering a spectrum flipping color change, step one, consult with a professional, toss the drug store box, and practice safe coloring. Bleach is damaging; we can all admit that, so it is essential to do your head it’s due diligence and assure that it is up for the challenge. Darker shades require a lot more TLC for this type of transformation. What you are looking for here is called a Double Process. The bleach decolorizes the natural melanin in the hair and lifts at the cuticle. Virgin hair is the best candidate for a platinum blonde. If you have previously colored your hair, its protein may have been weakened hence the importance of a consultation before diving headfirst into this journey. Due to the natural heat from your scalp, it will lift faster than the ends. If you are a darker shade, your first session may leave you with a more yellowish tone on your ends versus your scalp requiring a whole new round of coloring. This all depends on your previous color. In my case, this took two sessions. If you are looking for a one-day transformation, I would plan to spend most of your day at the salon. 

Platinum Hair Sarasota

High Maintenance is part of the game. Like with all healthy relationships, you have to put in the work. It feels amazing to reach platinum status, but here is the thing, the average scalp will typically grow half an inch of hair a month. So, you will want to go back to the salon every four to six weeks to touch-up your roots. If you wait too long, you may experience banding. What is banding, you ask? Remember when we spoke about the natural heat from your scalp? After about half an inch, your scalp loses the heating effect causing the root closer to your head to lift faster than the growth under it, leaving a band of unevenly lifted hair. Even more daunting, banding can create breakage causing you to lose chunks of hair. So be diligent with your icy locks, and they will thank you in the end. I always recommend scheduling your next appointment on the spot to avoid this. 

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Care for your hair. Using the right products can make all of the difference in keeping your locks healthy and happy. Beware of products that claim to increase keratin. Always listen to your stylist as overuse can cause too much protein leaving the hair to harden and break off. Another culprit is purple shampoo. This stuff is amazing at keeping your color bright and removing brass, but leaving it too long or adding it to dry hair could leave you with purple patches. Though calico cats are cute; coloring hair is an art. Be sure to trust your stylist’s advice and don’t go rogue. You never want to be caught blindsided by your bathroom mirror. 

If you are ready to take your relationship with your hair to the next level, consult with a professional to assure your hair is healthy enough for the journey, be patient, and enjoy the look of bright, bold, platinum locks that will definitely turn heads.