Care for your hair extensions like a professional

Longing for long locks of hair but can’t seem to grow your own past your shoulders? Ditch the 20 thousand growth products you’ve tried and enter the era of extensions. Don’t be fooled; 99% of celebrities or insta models with mermaid-like hair are wearing extensions. We’ve dumped the stigma and offer the best hair extensions in Sarasota to achieve the natural luscious look turning years of hair growth into hours using real human hair with sew-in weft extensions!

What’s weft? Beaded weft hair extensions are made with actual human hair, sewn onto a horizontal strip, or “weft.” The wefts are then sewn into your natural hair secured at the root. Depending on your desired look, the process is relatively quick, taking an average of an hour to apply. Depending on your natural hair growth, the extensions will need to be moved up every six to eight weeks. So, why did we choose weft? This form of hair extension is one of the easiest to care for and will not damage your natural hair. No glue, heat, tape, or chemicals involved. Now that you have decided to become a Disney princess with hair like Rapunzel, let’s jump into care so that you can reach the maximum effect and longevity of your new extensions.

Hair Extensions in Sarasota

Like all extensions, wefts are also a luxury service and should be cared for as such. Proper care can allow for your extensions to last up to a year! First up, washing and conditioning. Opt for paraben and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners. When washing your hair, use vertical movements and avoid a circular motion to keep the tangles away. Always brush your hair before washing. Avoid applying conditioner directly onto your extensions’ application area; instead, apply conditioner to mid-length and ends.

Up next, drying and styling. Hold your extensions at the root when brushing to avoid added tension onto your weft. Dry your hair immediately after washing, and remember, this process will take longer now that you have so much more hair to dry. Make sure your hair is dry all the way to the root. We recommend a lower heat setting when drying and using a heat protectant, as excessive amounts of heat will damage your extensions. If you are using heated styling tools, make sure to use a low temp as well.

Sarasota Extensions

Sleeping beauty should have had a silk pillowcase! Remember, sleeping with your extensions takes a few extra steps to avoid tangling. Tossing and turning in your sleep will cause your wefts to loosen. Try a side braid while you sleep! You can also wrap your hair with a silk scarf before bed.

Bam! You are a princess. Proper care of your extensions will ensure longevity, and remember, always listen to your fairy godmother, your stylist.