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We get it, you’re sick of your short hair or you just want more volume in your hair. Installing high quality extensions can transform your hair into glamorous and flowing locks of fabulousness!

Sew In Weft Extensions

We exclusively use SRQ Hair Sew In Weft Extensions. These are beautifully designed and high quality sew in hair extensions. We prefer this method because the weight of the hair is evenly distributed, causing less damage. They are low maintenance, with the average maintenance done every 6-8 weeks, plus these extensions can be reused for up to 2 years! The generous wefts come in 200 grams, which is an amazing amount of natural hair!

Extensions have common names for different sew-in methods. Some of these are not the name of the method, but the name of the type of weft used. This can all get very confusing, so we require a consultation for all new clients so that our stylists can explain all the different options and show you the different types of hair.

Some of these common names are listed below. ????

  • NBR
  • Natural Beaded Row
  • IBE
  • Invisible Bead Extensions
  • Hand Tied Extensions
  • Machine Tied Extensions
  • Weft Extensions
  • Beaded Row
  • Beaded Sew-In
  • Braidless Sew-In

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