Highlights, lowlights, balayage, you are probably wondering which is right for your look. Well, I am here to tell you that there is a difference between all three, but regardless of your choice, all are customizable and you will be leaving Bottleblonde76 in Sarasota looking like a babe.

Let’s start with the OG style celebs like Gigi Hadid have been rocking for years, Highlights. If you have never tried them, the process is simple but a tad time consuming depending on if you are going for a full head or a partial. Your stylist will weave out strands of your hair, apply your desired color (for me, the blonder, the better,) and then seal the strands in foil to process and assure that the color does not touch your base. The technique is the same for both a full head or a partial; however, a partial highlight is only half of the head and mainly frames around the face. If you are like me and love to wear a high ponytail, you may want to choose a full head of highlights to showcase a more rounded look perfect for any time of the year.

Highlights in Sarasota

Lowlights are applied in the same fashion as highlights, but the main difference is that lowlights take your base color down a few shades darker and are more subtle than highlights. If your goal is to add more warmth to your look, lowlights can accomplish the dimension you are looking for. For a more natural style, choose a tone a shade or two darker than your natural hair. This choice is perfect for those of us who want to try a darker shade but aren’t looking to make a full commitment to the color. The great thing about lowlights is that they complement anyone’s hair regardless of their natural shade. At this point, you probably think why not do both, and you totally can. If you are going for a more blended look, you can do both highlights and lowlights. This technique offers a more natural-looking grow-out process as well.

Highlights and lowlights Sarasota Salon

What about balayage? This popular technique is not about the color but the application process. Rather than weaving the hair into strands, your stylist will free-paint the color. The look is a tad less uniform than your typical highlighting process. Adding “highlights” with the balayage technique is more subtle and less maintenance for growing out.

Balayage Highlights Sarasota

So, which look is best for you? Between highlighting, lowlighting, and balayage, the combinations are truly endless. We recommend hunting down your favorite inspo photo of your desired look. If you have lighter locks and want to go a few shades darker (perfect for the summer months), try adding lowlights. If you’re going to add some dimension but aren’t looking to manage highlights, try a balayage for a more natural look. If you want to lighten up your hair but have not fully committed to a double process, go for a full head of highlights. No matter your goal, our stylists will help you accomplish your look while keeping your hair integrity.