Do you ever miss your sun-kissed teenage highlights after a long beach vacay? With poolside days right around the corner, we think it’s time to showcase our favorite Balayage styles for 2021 to take your hair’s dimension to the next level. Looking for a balayage stylist in Sarasota? Give us a call!

Balayage has been one of the hottest trends since 2017, and the variations have only become more stunning. Regardless of your hair color, there is a chic balayage option suited for your locks. The technique is simple and yet unique. Your stylist will hand-paint sections of hair with your desired tone using a backing board to create a radiant and dimensional hue. The best part is the variations and style are totally up to your preference. Just sit back, relax and let our artists turn your canvas into a work of art.

First up, Brunette Balayage. If your goal is a subtle beach lightened look, this one’s for you. Though a similar look can be accomplished with traditional highlights, balayage offers a more natural look. The sections are hand-painted to create a style that previously only the sun could achieve.

Balayage Sarasota

Are you feeling like adding a little blonde to your life without making a full commitment to high maintenance roots? A Blonde Balayage is a perfect look. With hand-selected sections of blonde highlights, this style can create an ombre look, a natural highlight, or a simple framed style to bring out your facial features! Best part; it’s perfect for hiding where one color ends and the next begins.

Balayage in Sarasota

Try a soft luxurious look with Long Balayage. Longer locks tend to have a slightly more striped look when traditional highlights are applied. Try a balayage to achieve a more natural blended appearance.

Sarasota Balayage Stylist

Have a big event coming up and want to switch up your look without any drastic change? You need a Subtle Balayage. This look is chic and simple. Add a lighter shade of your current color to your frame for a natural beachy vibe without having to break out the sunscreen.

Balayage Stylist in Sarasota

Dare to be bold? Our number one favorite balayage is a Vivid! If you have been dying to try rainbow hair, but you aren’t ready to make a considerable commitment, consider a Vivid Balayage. This trendy look takes the traditional technique to a whole new level introducing vivid colors to the mix. The grow-out is much easier to manage as the hand-painted shades can be placed at your desired level, leaving for seamless regrowth.

Balayage Rainbow Hair

The options are endless! Create your unique look and book a balayage today.