As 2021 picks up speed, we can all venture out of our homes a bit more. The trendsetters have emerged and are offering a blast from the past with some of our favorite looks like the mullet, 70’s bangs, and bobs! If you aren’t quite ready to test out bangs or rock a mullet, that’s cool too because low maintenance cuts are also taking the stage. At Bottleblonde76 our professional stylist can create any look your heart desires with designer hair cuts starting at $45. Ready to find your new 2021 look?

First up, the bob! This iconic cut is here to stay, and there are so many variations that anyone can switch it up to create a more unique look. 2021’s favorite take is the swoopy bob. We see a lot of chin-length, messy and textured bobs. Keeping with the 80’s trend, think a fringe style, bold and volumized. Pair this look with your favorite bright lip color. Bob’s are also excellent for sleek straight hair; this offers a more sophisticated look that can easily be made flirty by adding a few waves.

designer hair cuts

Up next the Mullet. Yes, you read that right, this famous 80’s look is back, and it is everywhere! The Modern Mullet is a bit tamer than that of the 80’s being slightly longer with soft waves framing the face. Switch up this look with baby bangs or go crazy and add textured layers. Either way, shag is in!

trendy hair cuts 2021

Did someone say bangs? If you are like me and have always wondered if you could rock bangs, now is the time to try! Bangs are back in a big way. Go short baby bangs to edge up your look or break out your bell-bottoms and rock a curtain bang that sweeps to both sides. Long 70’s style bangs are super trendy and low maintenance with a graceful grow out so that you can go longer between cuts! Dress up your 70’s bangs with a messy bun or a tight pony!

designer hair cuts

Shaggy layers are low-key and perfect for any shape of a face. Add shaggy layers to long hair or to short and create some fun volume. Frame them around your face to highlight your lips and jaw. This look is perfect for bangs or parted down the middle. This cut is low maintenance and grows out beautifully! If you love the 80’s but aren’t ready for a mullet, try this instead.

Last but certainly not least, low maintenance cuts. Still living that “work from home life?” Well, this style is easy and classic. If you have straight hair, go for a blunt straight cut to make your hair appear fuller. This one-length look is both easy to grow out and style. If you have more wavy hair, you may want to add a few subtle layers to this look to add some shape.

low maintenance hair cutss

Bangs, bobs, mullets, let’s get to chopping! Give us a call, and we will break out the shears.