Vibrant, Rainbow, Bold, Unicorn, Mermaid, this style goes by many names, but you know it when you see it! We are talking about beautiful, bold rainbow hair. Rainbow hair is center stage here at Bottleblonde76 in Sarasota, and our trained artists want you to exactly know what it takes to be a rainbowed beauty.

Consult with an artist (expert)

If you have ever seen vibrant hair in person, you can spot the intricacies, layers, and technique if you look close enough. So, you can imagine that such a masterpiece takes talent. Before you ask your BFF to dye it, please read this and come to us instead. Bring questions and an idea of what you want, then let us take care of the rest. We have swatches and hundreds of success photos to make sure you can achieve your unique look.

Bleach baby!

You can’t be vivid if your base is brown. Now, if you are going for a full head of vibrant color, your whole head will need to be bleached. We have touched on this a time or two but remember that to achieve platinum hair, especially when you are coming from a dark shade, you will need multiple bleach applications. Your artist will inform you that this process takes time and patients and, typically, multiple sessions. If we don’t take the time to get your hair light enough before applying the vivid color, the underlying shade will show through, and no one wants this to happen.

Single or Multicolor?

Before we dive into how long the color application takes or the masterpiece’s cost, let me tell you, the more color, the more time and money. So, if you are just dabbling in vivids, try a single color. Regardless of how many shades you choose and how or where they are applied, you will still need to be bleached and should expect to spend at least three hours in the chair. Here are a few examples of some stunning single-color transformations.

rainbow hair Sarasota vivid hair Sarasota
Unicorn’s aren’t born in one session

You can tell where I am going with this; vivid hair is rarely accomplished in one session unless you arrive with platinum locks. Once the lighting process is done, applying vivid colors will also take time. What is your current shade? How many colors are we using? Are we mixing colors? Are we going for a full head or more of a balayage? These factors will cause you to spend more time in the chair, so you could be at the salon for four to six hours or more, depending on your goals. Rome was not built in a day, so bring your favorite book or handheld game because, girl, we are in this for the long haul.

Living breathing art comes at a cost

Vibrant hair is going to cost more than your typical coloring. Depending on your current shade, you will need to consider the time and product it will take to bleach your hair before the color is applied. Most salons will use the phrase “starting at,” but at our salon, your artist will price your art. You won’t see a vibrant color for less than $300. So as I mentioned, if you are just dabbling, consider starting with your favorite color before choosing multiple. If your session goes over three hours, each extra hour will cost $100 until your goal is achieved. Vivids are high fashion, and Sam Daly herself trains our stylists. You could be looking at $800 to $1000 and multiple sessions for multi-colored unicorns like these.

unicorn hair Sarasota mermaid hair Sarasota Rainbow hair Sarasota

Vivids require extra care to produce longevity

Here is the reality of vivids, some colors last longer than others. Warmer and deeper tones will last longer than pastels. Here are a few things you can do to prolong your color: Wash your hair with cold water and remember, the more often you wash, the more fading will occur. We recommend washing your hair once a week. Always use a thermal protectant when styling. You will also need a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner, such as Pulp Riot’s Bangkok Color Care Shampoo and Tokyo Color Care Conditioner to keep those vibrants popping. You have already invested so much in your masterpiece, don’t rely on cheap products; you will fade faster.

Smile for the camera!

After hours of work, both you and your artist may be ready to open up a bottle of wine and drift to sleep on the couch, but babe, you will want to show off your rainbow hair. If you are coming to Bottleblonde76, we will want to photograph you and showcase it on our Insta. After all, this is how we became known for our rainbows. If you wish, we can schedule a separate appointment for your photo shoot, but we will totally want pics. We will tag you and the artist. Get ready for likes and shares!

Unicorns, rainbows, and vibrants, not one is created the same, so remember to always have a consultation to estimate cost and time. We can’t wait!